Everybody Farts

Sometimes showcasing your flaws pays off.

Check out this video at Inc.com about the Bean Industry.


Have you heard Hamburger Helper’s new Mixtape?


That is correct, the delicious packaged food product, or should I say the hand logo known on his Twitter page as @helper, dropped a mixtape. Helper dropped his mixtape April 1st and with 13.5k retweets and 11.1k likes on Twitter I would say it has been quite receptive. This marketing/advertising ploy under the Betty Crocker name is exactly the all inclusive, grassroots outreach brands need to connect with consumers and engage with them on a personal level.

 Check out this article by ADWEEK http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/hamburger-helper-dropped-entire-rap-album-april-fools-and-its-shockingly-good-170554. Watch a video of @helper performing with @bobbyraps on Twitter http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/hamburger-helper-dropped-entire-rap-album-april-fools-and-its-shockingly-good-170554.

Microwave It!

Congratulations, you have just landed your dream job (for all purposes lets say your dream job is VP of Marketing)!!!  Your hard work and dedication paid off and now you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career.  With years and years of stored ideas and a list of goals to implement, you set your plans in motion.  Unfortunately to your surprise they all fail.  What happened? You didn’t microwave it!  Microwaving it simply means working from the inside out.  Before setting a winning plan in motion you want to make sure its deliverable.  Here are 3 easy steps to help assure you succeed.

  • 1. Find out the ins and outs of your organization

Simply put who does what and why.  Getting to know people and the task they take on everyday not only creates a relaxed and open environment to work in, but also allows you to see the needs for improvement, opportunities to expand and grow, and how your ideas will be put in place.

  • 2. Do the Research

If you are in the healthcare industry go onto competitors websites, see the products and services they offer and what their customers say about them.  If you are in the retail industry physically go out to the malls and shopping centers, see the graphics and deals your competition presents.  Whether you are aspiring to grow and take your company to new heights, or are a major brand trying to stay ahead of the game, doing the research helps you see where you stand.  It gives you insight on steps to move forward and succeed.

  • 3. Don’t be a Know it All

Everyone knows you are full of knowledge and experience, you’re VP of Marketing for goodness sake, but they do not need to be reminded every branding meeting or corporate conference call.  The worst thing you could do is not take another person’s advise or recommendation.  You shutting down someone else’s ideas or suggestions might hurt the company in the long run. So, don’t be a know it all.

These 3 steps will help you achieve success on your new endeavor. For those of you who continued to read even after finding out I was not microwaving an ice cream cone, thanks.  There are 3 connections of marketing: emotional, intrigue (this post), and relate-able.  Perhaps I will talk about them in another post, or maybe I will completely forget after I finish this post, I guess we will find out.